Fundraising is all about excellent relationship building and hard work. Fundraising requires strategic decision-making. Implementing Salesforce for the organization can change the whole work scenario. Salesforce is a great customer relationship management software and perfectly designed to manage and track business relationships for development. With the Nonprofit Success Pack, Salesforce becomes a fundraising tool that streamlines operations. Organizations can connect with donors in the community to involve them in the organizational work. 

Today, in this blog, CloudVandana describes five basic fundraising tracking processes that a development team can track entirely in Salesforce

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1. Moves Management

Agile, strategic decision-making enables moves management. Salesforce allows the development team to engage with their donors more effectively. Flexibility is a great feature that helps the development team look at the donors at the individual level. Developers can invent many ways to immediately secure pledges and gift payments to keep the funding pipeline moving. So, Salesforce can help nonprofits by informing more strategic campaigns, appeals, and other touchpoints. 

2. Gift Processing

Salesforce’s open API and flexible format allow integrations with various fundraising platforms and enable nonprofit’s gift processing requirements within the Salesforce org. This makes it easier to process the donation process by keeping track of general accounting units, recurring donations, and payment information. 

3. Grant Process And Deadlines

Salesforce’s reporting capabilities allow tracking the deadlines to work best for the team and members. In addition, developers can attach files directly to the relevant grant’s record. Developers just need to ensure that all the information is stored in a single place. 

4. Touchpoints

The whole fundraising process depends on the relationships between the organization and the donors. Arranging meetings, phone calls, emails can build those relationships. Fortunately, Salesforce can represent the touchpoints that the team and the donors are engaged in. The campaign object can be a great way to interconnected appeals, events, or initiatives. Fundraisers can use Custom objects and fields to provide more variations to maintain strong relationships with the donors.  

5. Donor Networks And Connections

It is known to all fundraisers that the best way to source new donor prospects is through the connections of existing donors. Salesforce allows the fundraisers to track the crucial relationships in various ways to reflect the interconnection of the donor’s real lives. On each donor’s record, fundraisers could see the details of the donors. This helps the fundraisers how the donors are interrelated throughout the community.  

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