Hiring or utilizing outside personnel temporarily to augment an organization’s capability is called Staff Augmentation.

By using Staff Augmentation services, brands can reduce the payroll service, and project implementation costs. This kind of hiring model is very easy to implement and handle an employment contract.

Types of Staff Augmentation

There are mainly three types of Staff Augmentation.

Skill Based

When there is a need for a skilled, specialist with a specific skill set, where those skills are not critical or essential, those kinds of hiring model is known as Skill-based Staff Augmentation.


If there is no demand for a specific skill set, we go with this category known as Commodity augmentation. If the demand is for a reliable employee to perform the tasks or events which don’t need any specific skill we go with this model.


When there is a need for advanced skills, and brand design, which can be acquired only by experience or training. A specific level of skill is needed for this. When such a situation arrives Highly skilled Staff augmentation is necessary.

Staff augmentation can be divided into more categories.

  1. Traditional Staff Providers: When there is a need for temporary laborers, then there is a traditional way of augmenting staff. These kind of temporary staff are good in skill-based commodities and are the best option for non-critical projects which requires very high-level skills. This is the most preferred category since it’s very flexible.
  2. Master Vendor Staff Provider: In this category, there will be only a single vendor who runs the whole augmentation process. This is a very large-scale staffing process. This is best for highly-commoditized work requirements.
  3. Specialized/Boutique Agencies: These are smaller agencies or organizations which target highly specialized and skilled talents. It’s known for its best quality services.
  4. Gig Platforms: This category works online and provides quick access to independent workers. This category is best for task-oriented requirements for more commoditized skillsets. This model is known for its speed and flexibility.
  5. On-demand Talent Platforms: These are also online platforms that can provide highly skilled talents. This is best when we need the talent to be deployed quickly.
  6. Independent Contractors: Independent contractors are engaged directly by organizations. 

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