The queue is here for task management as well, teams can work as a group by sharing a task queue, whether their focus is on selling, customer service, or just the pleasure of efficient business processes. Tasks are assigned to a queue that’s shared by a group of users. Anyone of those queue members can take ownership of a task, which creates a pipeline of work items that can be completed more efficiently.

With the latest updates now you can set up quick actions on record pages or as global actions so reps can assign tasks to queues more quickly. It’s easy and your sales reps can save time when they collaborate on sales tasks.

How Task Queues Can Benefit Your Teams

Most business processes involve collaboration, and it’s crucial to optimize your processes by eliminating lag-time between hand-offs, during allocations, and from miscommunications. Here are some examples of how task queues can help you enhance your team’s performance and, hopefully, your customer experience:

  • An account executive assigns a task to a queue so that the first available sales rep can qualify the opportunity and close the deal without any unnecessary delays.
  • A service agent assigns a customer case task to a queue for a group of subject matter experts. The service agent is able to deliver a solution to unblock the customer without waiting for critical information. Their case resolution metrics are also improved.
  • By leveraging the power of the Salesforce Platform, tasks are related to a custom object for new job openings. These job opening tasks are assigned to a queue shared by recruiters, who delegate work to themselves to find top candidates without wasting any time.

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