In today’s digital world, ODC or Offshore development center is a very familiar term to every IT professional. Offshore development centers are becoming the favorite option as it is a cost-effective and hassle-free solution for organizations that are looking for expert software developers for their projects.

Today in this blog, CloudVandana will discuss five key challenges that organizations face sometimes while working with an offshore development center and their effective solution. ODC provides an endless solutions to businesses globally. They not only help in reducing cost but also improves project quality by providing highly skilled developers to organizations across the globe. 

Let’s have a look at the five most important challenges and their solutions-

1. Management Challenges 

Sometimes, organizations face various management issues like decreased customer-centric attitude, collaboration problems, lack of systems, framework, improper resource backup, etc. 


Organizations should communicate properly with their offshore partner to ensure their requirements, desired process of execution, and proper documentation of the resources. Organizations should evaluate their partner’s system, work processes, and framework. Organizations should consider hiring from a reputed staff augmentation partner like CloudVandana who can quickly replace, upscale, or downscale the developers as per the organizational and project requirements. 

2. Productivity Challenges

Organizations sometimes face challenges where the performance of the hired offshore team and the quality of output is below average. This happens when the performance of the hired resources does not fulfill the requirements. It leads to delays in project deliveries. 


The organization should hire from an offshore development team that is involved in the end-to-end hiring process. This will help organizations to hire the right resources to deliver quality performance to meet expectations. A responsible offshore partner always provides transparent hiring and helps to deploy the project faster by their constant monitoring. This cooperation helps to solve all these productivity challenges. 

3. IP Protection and Data Security Risk

IP Protection and Data Security are very crucial parts of every organization. Businesses face various challenges while offshoring. Sometimes data vulnerability results in a reach of information, unauthorized access, leakage, or deletion due to poor policy, or immature security practice. 

If sensitive and confidential information is leaked, it can impact the business of any organization. 


A reputed offshore partner like CloudVandana always signs detailed NDAs between the hiring company and offshore partner to ensure data security. They regularly audit the security and infrastructure. Organizations can create a local database of the ongoing project to create backups for the ongoing work.

4. Communication Challenges

Offshore hiring means managing a remote team overseas. Many countries have adopted this process for their project enhancement. So proper communication is very important while working remotely. As developers work remotely, it is crucial to maintain proper collaboration and communication to overcome any technical challenges. 


In today’s digital world, there are various platforms through which communication can be done and all the challenges can be sorted. 

5. Time Zone Differences

Sometimes, offshore projects bring work-zone differences between the in-house and offshore teams. As the offshore team operates from a different time zone, a collaboration between the in-house and offshore teams becomes challenging. As a result, it might affect the output.  

CloudVandana has many years of experience in working with clients across the globe, so they always provide developers who are ready to work as per the required time zone of the clients. 

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