Salesforce Calendar views to display your events in Salesforce. The calendar displays all events that you own in Salesforce on the My Events Calendar. Calendars that you create from a Salesforce object display data in date fields as calendar items. You can view, create, and edit your events in a day, week, or month view. You can also see any calendars shared by colleagues that you’ve added to your view.

You can access calendar views by:

  • Choosing the Calendar page from the navigation menu.
  • Opening a related event on a record’s activity timeline.

When you view a calendar in the availability, day, week, or month view and then leave the calendar page., you can see the calendar view that you used most recently without selecting a view from the dropdown when you return to the calendar. This helps you to start scheduling business even faster. 

Let’s take an example.

Lisa, a busy sales rep, often uses the calendar’s monthly view to schedule client meetings. Now when Lisa switches Salesforce tabs after scheduling a meeting, the month view is there waiting for her, every time. She doesn’t have to choose the month view each time she returns to her calendar.


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