Companies need to understand their customers first to run a business. Salesforce helps them to connect with their customers in a personalized way and helps the companies to grow their customer base. Salesforce is also used by companies to assist with marketing, sales, and analyzing performance.

Today, companies need to adopt advanced technology to optimize key business processes to provide a customized experience to the customers. As a result, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) needs to play the most important role to fulfill the customer needs. Since its foundation in 1999, Salesforce, a cloud-based software company is performing beyond the satisfaction of countless vendors and solutions.

Why Salesforce Is Important

If you are new in the field of CRM or you have a bad previous experience with a different CRM, Salesforce CRM could be the key to your success. Following are some of the reasons why Salesforce is important to every business or organization. 

Great Reputation

Salesforce CRM has achieved the name of the most recognizable CRM in the world. It has earned a reputation as the leader in cloud computing and social enterprise. Today the word ‘CRM’ is even the symbol of Salesforce. Salesforce has received numerous awards for its product and services and has earned the name of #1 CRM provider by international Data Corporation for the last five years. Salesforce provides CRM software to some of the largest and most reputed companies in the world. Salesforce is not only suitable for enterprise-level business but also highly customizable to meet the requirements of small businesses and mid-market enterprises.

High-Quality Products Offerings

Salesforce has been offering robust solutions for the last 20 years in the market. Salesforce CRM is secure, highly customizable, scalable, easy to use, and comes with a proven track record. Salesforce is built on a multitenant architecture that provides the same infrastructure and platform to every customer irrespective of their purchased edition. Salesforce also offers so many special features to address unique challenges faced by the companies. These qualities have made salesforce the #1 CRM in the world and a choice for over 150,000 users.

Powerful Ecosystem

In addition to a customized, powerful solution, Salesforce also has an extensive ecosystem of customers, developers, and partners. The Salesforce success community enables customers to connect with each other, share thoughts, ask questions, and provide feedback to the company. AppExchange is an application marketplace by Salesforce, which is a place for Salesforce Developers and registered partners to make apps available to the public, as well as a destination for purchase and download apps.

Salesforce’s partner ecosystem is a place of independent software vendors, consultants, and system integrators. It provides support to customers for every kind of service from implementation to apps development to managed services. This partner ecosystem makes it easier for customers to find a registered salesforce partner like CloudVandana or to hire a certified Salesforce professional.

Data Security

Survey shows that cloud is more secure than on-premises legacy systems. Any business stores a lot of confidential data in the cloud, so there might be a concern about its security. Salesforce has an army of engineers and data security professionals to ensure that the cloud is secured and the data are never at risk.

Unique Pricing Model

Salesforce introduced a per-user fee, billed annually. Since then, many cloud-based business applications have followed Salesforce clearly proving that Salesforce is a leader in this field. There are presently four editions of Salesforce available. The price for each edition includes upgrades, three per year. So companies do not need to pay extra for any upgrades.

Constant Innovation

Salesforce is the earliest cloud-based CRM solution on the market. Salesforce always comes first in the field of innovation. Salesforce experts are continuously looking for new and inventive ways to improve products and services. It also includes forming strategic partnerships, making acquisitions, and being committed to product innovation such as Salesforce Einstein, Big data, data analytics, and bot technology.

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