If you use Einstein Analytics and want to add data from queries directly to your dashboard text then this new feature will definitely help you.

Numbers and charts are great for visualizing data, but sometimes it helps to put it in writing. That’s why Salesforce made it easier to add data from queries directly to your dashboard text.

For example, want to say “Sales revenue this quarter is $1,234,567”, or “Sita closed the most opportunities this month”? It’s easy when “$1,234,567” and “Sita” come straight from your data and get updated dynamically. Best of all, you can add dynamic values to your dashboard text without creating a binding to another query with code.

Einstein Analytics is available in Developer Edition and for an extra cost in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.


Create a text widget, place your cursor where you want to add a dynamic value (1), then click Add Query Data (2). Choose a query as the source for your dynamic text (3), then choose a field from the source query (4). Available fields from the query appear as columns in a table.

You can remove a dynamic value by deleting it in the text box.

You can also choose whether a dynamic text value is based on the result of the query (5), or whatever’s selected in the dashboard (6). Keep in mind that if you show values based on selection, the text is blank until you make a selection on the dashboard.

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